My Sims 2 Test of Time Challenge
What I have so far. You can see my five Neanderthal houses (better pics here), the Watering Hole (comm lot), and the Cemetery (owned by one of the families to place graves later). I also made a map of the whole neighborhood and made street names, a pic of which I will post later.

Screenshot (47)
The neighborhood is growing! Beginning of Round 10.

Start of Round 17, the beginning of the Roman/Egyptian Era. 10 households, 5/3 owning/contributing to own businesses on community lots. Can’t wait to get this economy rolling!

Original rules found here: modthesims.info/t/438591
I’ve changed some rules and added some of my own, including two time periods
Egyptian (same time as Roman, but skin 3+4), complete with pyramids, cats, sacrifices, and battles with the Romans.
and Great Depression, including slums, child labor, orphanages (think Annie), and work-related injuries/deaths.

I decided to make this blog when Gen 2 was becoming teenagers, so it’s a little late, but better than never. Here goes.


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